"Vampire injection" will solve the problem of baldness


Specialists of the International Research Fund hair together with scientists from the University of Brescia Medical Center and researchers at the Hebrew University managed to grow a bald spot on the full hair. To do this, they used the injection solution containing blood products that were introduced in the problem areas of the scalp - this method is called a "vampire."

Research participants were 45 men suffering from alopecia areata. Taking blood samples from the volunteers, the researchers treated her in the apparatus specifically designed to isolate platelet-rich plasma, and then injected into her hairless scalp, according to foreign edition Daily Telegraph. The solution with the blood products as explained specialists under stimulates skin stem cells, which promote new growth of hair.

"The invention of the technology we will be able to help people with varying degrees of androgenic alopecia. This is the best, by far, the option of treatment. On the effectiveness of it can be compared only with the operation, "- said Dr. Fabio Rinaldi.

The study volunteers were doing shots in only one half of the head. Subjects were divided into three groups: the first group received injections containing blood, while the latter - with steroids. The third group was a control group. Each volunteer received within three months of injections. The significant growth of hair, as a result, there has been only members of the first group.

Experts continue to present new research methodology. They plan to in the future to create a form that does not require injections.

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