The benefits of sunlight is much higher than the negative effects of


Health benefits of moderate tanning is much greater than the risk of developing skin cancer, according to scientists.

Researchers from the University of Edingburgskogo found that sunlight can reduce blood pressure by lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack, allowing to extend the life.

In this case, food supplements with vitamin D can not compensate for the lack of sunlight.

In the past, vitamin D was considered the only advantage of the sun to the human health.

The experiments showed that blood pressure was significantly reduced during the hours after irradiation with ultraviolet rays, but the warmth of the session irradiation had no such effect.

Scientists have concluded that it is the ultraviolet rays of the sun produce a positive effect.

"If we get the confirmation of mortality, then we will have to reconsider their views on exposure to the sun."


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