Will help reduce the weight of a modest breakfast


Reducing the morning portion of food would greatly lose weight. Such a connection scientists from the Institute of MRC Human Nutrition Research Unit, the fact that a person during the day does not appear wild appetite, which often leads to overeating, says foreign edition The Telegraph.

The experiment involved 33 volunteers who are overweight. Breakfast specially prepared by researchers consisted of cereal, milk, eggs, bread and butter and a glass of orange juice. Some volunteers received while a small portion. In the experiment, experts counted the calories consumed by the participants on the day. As it turned out, the difference in size portions of food eaten at breakfast, did not depend on the amount of food consumed during the day.

Doctors Jebb, the author of the work, noted that the study portion was reduced to 40%, and in general, the volunteers consumed a day at 269 calories less. He also stressed that the results obtained in everyday life can not find confirmation in the fact that the temptation to eat something between meal.

"The study was conducted in the laboratory under controlled conditions. Additional experiments to ascertain whether to preserve a normal life like effect," - said the expert.

An earlier study by the staff of the University of Missouri (USA) showed that the protein-rich breakfast, which includes, for example, eggs, low-fat yogurt and beef, helps maintain normal weight and resist the temptation to snack at night. Protein containing foods, as it turned out, let you control your appetite.

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