Australian doctors revived the man 40 minutes after death, with the help of new technology resuscitation


39-year-old Colin Fielder, of Victoria, Australia, was clinically dead for 40 minutes, then was revived by a new method of resuscitation, which doctors have used the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

A new technique has allowed revive the three patients who were clinically dead for 40-60 minutes.

The doctors of the hospital, are experimenting with mechanical resuscitation device "artificial pulse", which produces compression of the chest, as well as a portable device "artificial heart-lung" that supports the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and vital organs.

We Fielder had a heart attack in June 2012 and was clinically dead for 40 minutes. "I am so grateful that I did not convey it in words," - he said.

Avtopuls apparatus and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation has been used in the resuscitation of the seven patients.

This technique provides the medical staff as the time necessary to determine the cause of heart attack and develop a course of therapeutic measures by maintaining the flow of blood and oxygen. This reduces the risk of subsequent disability. All patients completing this course resuscitation, returned home without disabilities.


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