Features of the immune system of women allow them to live longer


Japanese researchers have found an explanation for why the life expectancy of women more than men. Scientists believe that the secret lies in the immune system that is aging more slowly at the fairer sex, while maintaining resistance to various diseases.

Participants in the experiment were 356 men and women aged from 20 to 90 years. Having studied the blood of volunteers, experts have found that over time there is a reduction in the number of white blood cells in the body as women and in men. While reducing the number of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes is observed in men only. The women, on the contrary, their number is increasing. Contents are an integral part of the immune system of interleukins in the blood of men with declining much faster than in the blood of women. In addition, according to the study, reduced levels of red blood cells associated with age, inherent only in the body of the stronger sex.

"The men and women of a certain age-related changes in the immune system are significantly different. According to our data, indicators declining more slowly in women., And this can be explained by the fact that they live longer than men" - quotes the edition of the Daily News of the author of the University of Tokyo Professor of Medicine and Dentistry Katsuiku Hirokawa.

Both sexes, according to him, age differently for several reasons. "In Women have more estrogen than men, and that protects the former from the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system before the onset of menopause. At the immune system is also influenced by sex hormones, in particular, they affect specific types of lymphocytes", - explained author of the study.

Scientists are convinced that because aging in humans occurs at different rates, signs that the immune system, provide an indication of the true professionals biological age of a person.

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