Extra weight changes the character of the person


Specialists of the National Institutes of Health conducted a study which has allowed them to establish that the increase in body mass index helps to ensure that his personal qualities are also changing.

Earlier studies have found an association between excess weight and a set of changes in the nature of man. In particular, it was found that people who prefer to eat in good fun company, in most cases, do sports and stick to an active lifestyle. People who spend more time alone, by contrast, are less active and tend to overeat.

A similar experiment conducted at this time to provide feedback. The study lasted for 10 years, attended by 1,900 volunteers, behind which were monitored to determine any change in weight. In the course of research specialists performed twice among the participants psychological tests and questionnaires.

According to the study, people who received 10 years for more than ten percent of excess weight, were more emotional and unrestrained in contrast to the participants in the experiment who do not put on weight. In addition, the extra pounds, according to scientists, hinder a person to make decisions quickly and to refrain from all sorts of temptations.

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