Depression increases the risk of stroke in women older than 45 years


Emotional disorder called depression that occurs in women aged 45 years and older nearly 2.5 times increases the chances of suffering from a stroke, said researchers from Australia, who published their work in the next issue of the journal Stroke, the American Heart Association.

"Known to date expert advice on the prevention of stroke does not take into account the impact of factors such as depression," - said in a statement Caroline Jackson, an epidemiologist at the Medical School of the University of Queensland.

The study, conducted by scientists for over 12 years, provided for the participation of more than 10,500 women, age was 47-52 years. In a state of depression, as noted, there were 24% of the participants. Doctors for the entire period of observation recorded 177 cases of stroke.

Probability of stroke in women with depression were 1.9 times higher, even when taken into account important factors such as lifestyle, physical activity level, the presence of harmful habits, high blood pressure and excess weight.

Scientists still find it difficult to give a precise answer to the question why such a strong impact depression has on women this age group. They suggest that the reason for this is most likely a different kind of inflammatory processes in the body that have a negative impact on the blood vessels.

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