7 minutes of fitness a day is enough to achieve the perfect figure


American experts from the College of Sports Medicine believe that fitness training only 7 minutes a day can help a person achieve the ideal forms. The experts identified 12 of the most effective exercises for this mode of training.

Tangible results will follow as soon as possible, since the intensity and short exercises. Experts note that this is the principal factor of success. According to experts, the implementation of each of the proposed exercises require no more than 30-60 seconds.

So, the first place in the list of exercises to practice jumps, second place belongs to squat along the wall, and the third is - have been terrific since childhood pushups. The fourth position is to exercise your abdominal muscles, the fifth - getting out of a chair or a special stand in the rhythm of step aerobics. Squats for the whole body are in sixth place, while squatting on a chair took seventh place. Eighth in the list is the strap, and the ninth - running on the spot. On the tenth place - lunges, on the eleventh - push-ups with turns in different directions, and complete list of side plank.

Jumping, fast getting out of a chair, as well as running on the spot raising the knees high, as the scientists explained, at the same time act on the muscles of the body. A push-ups and push-ups to u-turns are especially useful for rocking the abdominal muscles and strengthen the triceps.

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