Scientists warn that the laughter and noise hazardous to health


Scientists have recently made a very disappointing announcement that the laugh in spite of a well-known fact is not always prolongs life, at times, it can be a potential threat to her. In a study conducted by Swedish researchers also found that even a slight noise can cause irreparable harm to human health. In turn, laughter can lead to a breach of cardiovascular rhythm and normal functioning of the heart.

The experiment was organized as part of the study of the problem involved the participation of 110 volunteers who were given researchers portable monitors designed to measure heart rate. This equipment has allowed experts to examine in detail the impact of different types of noise on the cardiovascular system.

Increased heart rate, as it turns out, is already at the level of noise 65 decibels - the volume of a quarrel or dispute raised voices or laughter. Among other things, the noise has a negative effect on the nervous system of volunteers. It was also found that the low level of noise contributed to a relaxation of the blood vessels and reduce the heart rate.

Experts believe that the most at risk are people who can not tolerate the noise. They no longer have to take care of the rest of the heart.

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