Drinking alcohol leads to disturbed sleep


Many people know how bad sleep at night after the feast, accompanied by a great feast. Just a couple of glasses of wine significantly impair the quality of sleep, which becomes anxious and sensitive. Experts have tried to find out the cause of this phenomenon. Altogether they analyzed about twenty studies involving 500 people. None of the participants suffered from alcohol dependence.

The volunteers were asked to drink a bit of alcohol, after which they had to spend the night in the lab. The researchers studied during sleep the brain waves of respondents. Alcohol, as it turned out, really helps to sleep soundly - this effect lasts only for the first half of the night. Liquor stimulate delayed sleep phase, aiming, as a rule, to update the tissues of the body and strengthen the immune system.

However, the majority of alcohol negatively affects the most important phase of sleep, which is responsible for focus and concentration. After evaporation of the alcohol a person’s sleep is very restless. He has nightmares, he can cry out and wake up in a cold sweat several times a night.

Meanwhile, the scientists believe that the female body even small amounts of alcohol is harmful, due to the fact that it is better than the body metabolizes alcohol men, which means that ladies will sleep worse. Acceptance of sleeping pills at the same time does not help, even if you have been drinking alcohol for a long time.

Mixing alcohol with sleeping pills, as the researchers from the Institute of Cleveland, deadly to humans. Among other things, spirits have a strong diuretic effect, which further causes insomnia.

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