Drug-resistant tuberculosis win vitamin C


U.S. researchers have found that the bacteria in the laboratory, "Koch’s bacillus", causing the development of drug-resistant tuberculosis die from the effects of vitamin C. Patients with this diagnosis, according to experts, should be given a diet rich in ascorbic acid. The information published in the journal Nature Communications.

Most of the known medicines are ineffective in the fight against drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis (LUTB) in connection with the activities of mycobacteria that are different survival and increased aggressiveness. This form of the disease usually occurs with complications, often have to be removed during the treatment area of the affected lung.

People with weak immune systems, uncured consumptive, HIV patients, alcoholics and drug addicts at risk in this group. In 2011 LUTB caused the death of more than 1.4 million people, 8.7 million people were infected, about 95% of deaths from the disease were registered in the economically backward and developing countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The opening of a team of researchers led by William Jacobson (William Jacobs) College of Medicine Albert Einstein in New York was unexpectedly during test the sensitivity of tubercle bacilli to the acids of various kinds, in such a way that they develop a new drug. Adding to the culture medium vitamin C, where the growing colonies of bacteria, the study authors were extremely surprised when "Koch’s bacillus" extinct.

Several subsequent experiments showed that vitamin C in complex with bacterial waste products themselves initiate a chemical reaction Fenton - reaction of iron (Fe) with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Thus, this reaction occurs the release of active oxygen species which destroy bacteria.

The new discovery, the researchers said, will allow patients to LUTB develop a special diet rich in vitamin C and medications that contribute to the production in the body of reactive oxygen species.

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