Bad breath is the result of bacterial activity


Scientists from Japan’s claim that not only mediocre oral hygiene can cause bad breath. Some types of bacteria that live in the mouth can also cause it. About it, they reported in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology in May 2010.

Bad breath - one of the most common complaints during the visit to the dentist, second in prevalence only to caries and gum disease. The poor oral hygiene, can lead to an increase in the population of bacteria that cause bad odor. Treatment with antibacterial agents brings short-term results, because after cessation of treatment, the bacteria quickly return. These bacteria are the indigenous inhabitants of the microflora of the mouth, not invaders, so you may need to shift the structure of the bacterial population in order to cure the bad smell.

"Setting up the overall composition of the natural bacterial population to a more healthy way, can be an effective means to prevent the smell of the mouth," - said the researchers.

Populations of bacteria detected in saliva samples, which were taken from 240 patients complained of a bad smell were analyzed and divided into groups depending on their properties. Further, they have also been ranged, depending on their production of odor intensity. One group contained significantly fewer volatile sulfur compounds (one of the main components of a bad smell), but at the same time the bacterial population was larger - thus, there is a relationship between the specific structure of oral bacteria and bad smell.

"The results clearly show that the breath - is more a symptom of the growth of a certain type of bacteria population, rather than the overall growth of bacteria due to non-compliance with oral hygiene" - the researchers said - "Observations on the populations of bacteria may provide new data on the human health in general, and on diseases of the mouth in particular. " Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.


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