Permanent sexual arousal syndrome spoil life for women


New studies have shown that women with regular sexual arousal syndrome, are often victims of various psychological disorders.

This syndrome, first described in 2001, is expressed in periodic fits of uncontrollable excitement, usually ending with single or multiple is not bringing good feeling orgasm, regardless of the presence of the object of sexual desire. Some patients may experience up to a hundred orgasms a day. The normal sex or masturbation does not bring typically relief.

Women with such a rare and often painful disease often suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks, as well as victims of various harassment by employers and detractors. Patients experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, confusion and frustration.

Although the exact number of patients is not possible to call this condition can manifest itself in a significantly larger number of women than previously thought. Hundreds of women around the world suffering from permanent sexual arousal syndrome, a comprehensive questionnaire filled the complex, located on various medical websites. Thanks to the data collected was possible to determine the possible causes of the disease, whether psychological dependence, the influence of any drugs or surgical care.

Results of the study show that the majority of women with this syndrome before the onset of the disease suffered illnesses caused by various stresses. However, we can say that the constant excitation syndrome is a purely psychological illness. Disruptions can be caused by hormonal imbalances, organic lesions of the limbic system of the brain, as well as the consequences of surgery on the pelvic organs. Also, the disease occurs when following a diet of soy or antidepressants. Methods of treatment has not been finally determined, so research in this area are of great importance.

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