Tobacco smoke "useful" of marijuana smoke?


Canadian researchers have found another reason to refrain from smoking cannabis. It turns out that marijuana smoke contains much more dangerous toxins than tobacco smoke. In its harmful effects on the body marijuana now not inferior conventional tobacco smoke: in hemp smoke detected high levels of certain toxic components such as ammonia and hydrogen cyanide (hydrocyanic acid).

Scientists have conducted a serious study of the chemical composition of tobacco smoke, and found that it contains a lot of toxic substances, 50 of which cause cancer. However, no one is a detailed study of the chemical composition of marijuana smoke.

In his studies, David Moir (David Moir) and his colleagues compared the chemical composition of smoke cannabis with tobacco smoke, using a special "smoking machine" that mimic the process of smoking in humans.

It was found that ammonia levels in hemp smoke is 20 times higher than in tobacco smoke. The level of hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides and some aromatic amines smoke marijuana above 3-5 times.

The data obtained will help heavy smokers "grass" better reflect on those health problems that are caused by smoking cannabis.


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