NASA asks for help to pick the name of your telescope GLAST


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has asked the international community to propose a new name for its large cosmic gamma-ray telescope GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope), which is set to launch in mid-2008.

The main objectives of the space observatory will study the most unusual objects and events occurring in the universe: it is the most powerful gamma-ray bursts and black holes, and many other things that disturbs the minds of scientists for a long time.

According to the NASA of the topics to be studied include the following:

The study of the most extreme corners of the cosmos where nature creates such a huge amount of energy that can not be found or artificially recreate on Earth;

Search for possible signs of new laws of physics, as well as an attempt to explain the concept of "dark matter";

Trying to explain how black holes scatter the "Jets" to a speed close to the speed of light;

Solving the mystery of the most powerful giant flares of gamma radiation;

The search for answers to long-standing questions about solar flares, pulsars and cosmic ray sources

Anyone can suggest a name for the space observatory GLAST. But there are certain things you need to know if you want to give the name of the telescope.

The deadline for receipt of proposals - March 31, 2008;

The name should reflect the essence of the exciting mission GLAST, to draw attention to the study of gamma-ray astronomy and high energy;

The title should catchy, attractive, eye-catching people, forcing discuss the sake of what created the space telescope;

At the same time, the name should be easy to read and remember. We do not accept confusing acronyms (words formed from the first syllable sounds or phrases);

By tradition, the observatory will not be named in honor of a living, to this day, the scientist;

The name must be original, not related to any past, present or future space observatory or space mission or a program of NASA (ie Voyager will not work).

NASA promises to consider all the options available. Offering name (one or more), you’ll need to write a 20-25 word (or less) in support of his version, ie why is your name the best :)

After filling the form, you can order a receipt by e-mail "Participant Certificate", as well as a press release, which will be released in about 60 days after the telescope is launched. Popular news informers tell about the most important events of the day.


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