Made the most detailed picture of the world sunspots


Researchers from the Observatory Big Bear Solar Observatory by configuring Adaptive Optics, managed to make the most detailed image of a sunspot in the visible light range. This image was created using a telescope called the Big Bear’s New Solar Telescope (NST). It is a new device with a resolution of 50 miles in the sun’s surface. Observatory Big Bear Solar Observatory in California, USA.

NST - a precursor of an even larger telescope, which is called the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) and which will be constructed during the next ten years. In the new telescope, the researchers embed a new kind of adaptive optics, known as multi-conjugate, which will allow even more clearly and without interference watch the sun from Earth, with unsurpassed image quality.

Meanwhile, NST will collect extremely detailed image of the sun in the same way that can be seen above. This will help scientists better understand the sunny weather and the impact that it has on the space environment of our solar system. Most popular news informers tell the main news of the day.


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