Top 10 most crazy scientific theories


"Crazy" - is a pretty strong word, but how else do you want to call these ideas? Each of them tries to explain some aspect of our universe in a strange way. In fact, the universe is in itself a strange thing, and we truly understand only a fraction of the processes taking place in it, to confuse things even more. These theories, even for scientists, too unbelievable and unimaginable. None of them has been fully proved or disproved, and they have every right to exist. After all, the universe is so crazy as ours, you never know what to expect.

Number 10. Ekpirotichesky script

Ekpirotichesky scenario is an alternative view of the widespread theory of the Big Bang (TBV). In contrast to the TBV, according to which the universe was in a state of singularity (infinite density and temperature of the material), ekpirotichesky scenario involves the collision of two universes. As a result of the collision and did our universe. After that, the universe is expanding for billions of light-years (about as well as it would have happened during the Big Bang), until the time the Big Crunch. The speed and energy of compression creates yet another massive collision and the universe is reborn. This cycle continues infinitely many times.

That in this theory of the so strange? According to her, there is another universe. It is not incredible, if we admit the existence of parallel universes. But if ekpirotichesky scenario is correct, then the second is the universe around us, in another dimension, at a distance less than the diameter of an atom from us. This is even close to relatives.

Number 9. White Holes

White holes, unlike their black counterparts, have not been studied, since there are only extremely hypothetical situation. In fact, there is not even a clear idea of what are the white hole. Maybe it’s the other side of a black hole? Wormhole? Or something completely different?

It is believed that the white holes emit matter, just as the black holes absorb this matter. If the white hole really sets the matter absorbed by the black hole, in the course of its absorption by the black hole, the matter must be protected to avoid the process of transition to a state of infinite density and temperature, known as a singularity. So far there have been no single white hole, as there were no one without a black hole event horizon (the area around the black hole from outside which light can not escape) - which does not allow to consider the processes that occur with substances that enter a black hole. To be hypothetically possible, white holes have to break a few laws of physics and to restore some rejected theories that hardly happens. Therefore, the white holes are only theoretical idea.

Number 8. Dark energy - the killing

According to Professor Lawrence Krause, every time we look at the dark energy, we kill the universe. Of dark matter is 70 percent of the universe. She is responsible for all of the mysterious events that take place in deep space. This is the most stunning concept, which, however, gets nowadays becoming more common.

He believes that the Big Bang occurred when a strange high energy with repulsive gravity force dropped to zero energy false vacuum into a conventional vacuum that was the cause of the universe. In quantum mechanics, there is the concept of the quantum Zeno paradox. According to him, if you ever look at a microscopic object is unstable, it will never disappear. According to Krause, the same principle applies to dark energy - watching her, we support its instability and shorten the lifetime of the universe, causing it to return to the original state of the false vacuum. However, due to the increasing interest in the invisible dark energy that makes up our universe, astronomers never stop studying it. And if Krause is right, then we are doomed.

Number 7. The universe is a matrix

Remember the movie with almost the same name? Neo could stop bullets and slow down time, when fighting with his enemies. The film was called The Matrix. You watched it?

If not, then take a look, because it may be the most important mystery of the universe that we live in a computer program. At first glance, the idea that someday computers will become so powerful that they will be able to simulate reality, it seems incredible. But with the advancement of technology, this bold idea, it is becoming more realistic. In the simulated world, we can be so engrossed with worldly affairs, he did not even notice that are connected to the machine. In fact, we can be in the matrix right now, not even knowing it. It’s time to assemble a team of rebel and escape.

Number 6. Universe hologram

Since we are on the theme of illusion, there is another theory which states that all of us are not in a clever computer program, and in the hologram, which created the universe itself.

According to this theory, when we look at the night sky, we see a wall covered with images of all the galaxies and stars. The holographic principle could explain why the universe seems to be grainy on the most basic energy level. If this theory can be proven, it is a revolution in our understanding of the world.

Number 5. Children of a black hole

According to this theory, we can be the children of the black hole. The idea is that when matter is pulled into the black hole, it becomes so dense before reaching the singularity of the black hole can throw away all that energy back and formed from the same material universe.

In other words, the universe with many black holes will create many universes children. We still can not pinpoint the location of black holes in our universe (though we can calculate their location on circumstantial evidence: the movement of the stars and planets around black holes), and maybe the reason for that lies in the fact that we ourselves are a child of the universe- . This theory states that parallel universes may be infinite.

Number 4. A plurality of parallel universes

This interpretation on the issues raised above the infinity of the universe, a different approach to explain the occurrence of multiple universes. This concept of quantum mechanics rejects the compression wave function, and with a simple compression of physical possibilities of the situation to only one option. In fact, according to this theory, every decision we make, creates a new universe.

Have you brushed your teeth, when we woke up this morning? If so, this was the cause of the universe in which you teeth are not brushed. If, after brushing, you clean them with dental floss, you have created another universe, with the opposite developments. Each such subsidiary universe is the cause of other universes. Thus, there are infinite universes, as long as we make decisions.

Number 3. Heat death of the universe

This theory is based on the second law of thermodynamics, which states that if the universe is infinite, it must also be infinitely old. After all, the star that has retired to 100,000 light-years, could be there, just in case, if the universe has existed for at least 100,000 years. And if there is an infinite universe, the temperature of matter in the universe will be the same. Thus, all the stars will die (the temperature of all the stars will come into equilibrium with the temperature of all surrounding matter).

Explanation: if the universe is infinitely old, the stars cool down, because they will give all its heat to heat the surrounding space. The temperature of matter in the universe would be the same. This theory only works if the rate of expansion of the universe remains constant, which contradicts the inflationary model of the universe, according to which the rate of expansion may vary. In addition, when present in the equation are unknown, as dark energy, which affects the matter, the prospects of the heat death of the universe becomes even more elusive.

Number 2. Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything would be the most outstanding discovery. It could be to combine quantum mechanics and general relativity, to bring it all around us riddles to a single issue. This would open all the physical constants of the universe, regardless of whether these changes with time constants and other fundamental factors (such as dark matter and dark energy), and so on.

How this theory came into this top list? The theory that explains all the mysteries of the universe is constantly changing, it seems incredible. This can be compared with a screw that would fit hundreds of holes that differ in size and shape, and may be found in a parallel dimension or universe. This would be a great achievement, and the scientists hope to find a unified answer. To date, the closest theory reminiscent of M-theory, which is an extension of string theory.

No. 1. Time travel

On the theme of time travel filmed many movies and not written by a smaller number of books. They are able to move through the heroes of our perception of time. It is clear that time travel is linked to a whole set of problems, which makes their implementation is extremely unlikely. Consider the following.

You go back in time and kill your father. In theory, you can not kill it, because then you would not born to kill him. But you still managed to kill him, and it turns out that this is not your real father, but in fact you killed her stepfather. Your real father was unhurt, and the past is perfectly consistent with the future. Not so fast. When you leave the present to get in the past, there is a problem with your body. If you get a duplicate, living both in the past and in the future, or the body is taken out of one time and placed in another? If you follow the rules of what we perceive as time, then you will go back in time a child. And what happens if you go back in time, kissed his first love, and she fell in love with you? This will change the future, in which you were alone, and that made you move into the past. This kiss and his influence on the history will not let you back in time. If, however, in this new series of events, you’ll be back in time to have time to do the kiss, then you get into the ring trap.

All of these issues are relevant only in the event that time is cyclical. If it is linear, it is your past, present and future do not occur continuously, which makes time travel impossible (if not just there last). If time is cyclical, it means that everything is predetermined, and you do not have free will. What we perceive as free will is really just a pre-determined sequence of events, and that you did not do, even if you deliberately change your mind on the opposite, in fact, the way it should have happened.

If you are confused, do not worry that much, I’m confused too. To simplify this, let’s consider the question posed by Stephen Hawking, who will determine whether time travel, why we still have not met the time travelers? They should be in our time, knowing that we are interested in issues such as time travel to explain how they managed to make it through tens of thousands of years in the future. But this is not happening. Therefore likely to age-old dream of science fiction, and remains no more than a dream. Our news is the key informers, modern life. You are always aware of all the events of your country.

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