Private spaceship makes first glide


Rocket company Virgin Galactic, called SpaceShipTwo, made its first solo glide on Sunday. The company plans to create a service for sending customers to space travel, the so-called space tourism.

SpaceShipTwo was delivered on-board the carrier to a height of 13.7 km and released over the Mojave Desert. After the separation, SpaceShipTwo under the control of two pilots, freely floated 11 minutes before landing on the runway of the airport, just before landing ship carrier.

The test flight took about 25 minutes.

"It was flying very well," - said the executive director of Virgin Galactic George Vaytsayds.

On an exclusive video, you can see how it lets mother ship, which was given the name of VMS Eve, and he arrived at the Mojave Spaceport.

Before you take on board the space tourists, six-ship SpaceShipTwo will be thoroughly tested. In the latest test, SpaceShipTwo could not run your engine for the spacewalk.

So far, the SpaceShipTwo attached to the wing of a special ship carrier model WhiteKnightTwo. On Sunday, the spacecraft flew for the first time on his own.

"This is a very important event," - said the president of Virgin Galactic, Sir Richard Branson. "We have to go through more than one such event on the way for the launch of commercial space travel. This was a very big step forward. Now we have seen that the spacecraft flies. We know that it can be safely released to the mother ship, and it is safe land. And this is already done. "

SpaceShipTwo will make a series of additional glide before going into space.

"The next important step will be to test the rocket at the space ship" - said Branson. "We have conducted thousands of tests of missiles on the ground, it’s time to test the air. We’ll start with simple tests, gradually preparing the rocket for what to send her spaceship into space."

SpaceShipTwo, created by the famous designer Burt Rutan aircraft, based on a prototype that won a prize of $ 10 million in 2004 as the first private manned rocket reached space.

Tickets for SpaceShipTwo cost $ 200,000. 370 people have already purchased a ticket, giving us the means to develop a $ 50 million.

Commercial flights will take off from the spaceport in New Mexico, which is under construction at the moment. Employees of the company Virgin Galactic and special guests will gather at the spaceport Oct. 22 to celebrate the completion of construction of the runway. This day will be held demonstration flights SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo. Hot news, science and technology, the only first-hand.

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