ISS broke the record for the Mir space station on the residence time of man in space


October 23, 2010, the International Space Station (ISS) broke the record for the Mir space station in a continuous stay of man in space. ISS on October 31 to celebrate 10 years in space.

ISS - a joint project of five members: the U.S., Russia, EU, Japan and Canada.

ISS is the most expensive man-made object humanity built in our time. Its construction cost $ 157 billion.

October 8 booster Union brought two Russian and one American astronaut on the International Space Station.

They will spend aboard the station five months conducting experiments in the laboratory.

While it is planned to use the station just before 2015, as only until this year allocated funding.

But the Director General of the European Space Agency Jean-Jacques Dordeyn, believes that it is in the interests of the world community.

He is convinced of the importance and usefulness of the station, and expressed a desire to extend the operation of the plant, at least until 2020.

The state of weightlessness, enables scientists to study systems and processes without the influence of gravity. This allowed to make discoveries in the field of infectious and degenerative diseases, and will gain new knowledge in other areas of science such as materials science.

But for the experiments, scientists need time.

One of the biggest obstacles to the extension of time, operation of the plant, was the revision of the U.S. space program by President Obama.

The Americans are developing a new program of space exploration, and new rockets and spacecraft needed to implement this program into practice. The future of U.S. participation in the ISS project will depend on the development of the program.

Output from the project, even one person, it may jeopardize the existence of the whole ISS. Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.

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