By 2020, the station will be built on the extraction of resources on the Moon


The first operation in the history of mankind to develop extra-terrestrial deposits, will take place on the moon. Satellite earth is rich and relatively accessible reserves of water ice.

This opinion was expressed by the majority of scientists and engineers, who were asked to decide - where, outside of Earth, mankind must start mining resources.

Options were also discussed asteroids and Mars, but the choice fell on the moon, due to its closer location and rich reserves of water and other resources, such as methane and ammonia.

"I think that the moon - this is the obvious choice," - said Greg Biden, chief technician robotehnicheskoy firm Penguin Automated Systems

Biden, a pioneer in the production of lunar resources is likely to become a private company (though not without the help of the state), because it promises big profits.

A recent discovery, the moon has large reserves of water. Very cold craters on both poles of the Moon, apparently amassed water over billions of years - the water is relatively clean and simple in production.

This water is valuable not only because it has the potential to support the existence of future lunar settlers. It may be resolved into its constituent parts - the hydrogen and oxygen, which are key components of fuel. The propellant can be made from lunar water and sold at gas stations on the lower Earth orbit, allowing spaceships and satellites in space to refuel right.

This could revolutionize the exploration of outer space by mankind, giving a huge boost to trade relations and travel industry - with one voice declare the scientific community and private business. Economically, it makes sense to supply fuel from the Moon, since gravity on it six times smaller than the Earth, which means that the rocket launch will be much cheaper.

Some companies already make plans for the extraction of lunar water specifically for this purpose. Shackleton Energy Company, for example, expects to begin selling directly rocket fuel in orbit by 2020, as told by its founder Bill Stone.

Such plans may seem ambitious, but all the technology required to run the operations for the extraction of lunar resources exist today. Robotic miners can be controlled from Earth.

The proximity to Earth allow for the connection between man and machine almost instantly - with a delay of only a second or two.

When a business has spent in space, and all becomes clear how much money can be earned there, space will be opened to mankind.

"When that happens, we shall find the second economic speed," - said the president of XCOR Aerospace Jeff Greason. "If we can do that, then the space will be ours. ’ Today’s news widgets to help you follow the course of the global economy.

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