From Moscow to St. Petersburg for 5 minutes, new planes


Sydney may soon be just 2 hours 30 minutes from New York City, compared with 21 hours of flying today, thanks to the development of NASA - ’ultrasound’ passenger jets that can fly at speeds up to five times the speed of sound.

These aircraft will be able to pass through Earth’s atmosphere and reduce the time traveling around the Earth to a few hours.

U.S. space agency wants to begin production of the aircraft that will fly five times faster than the speed of sound and will open a new era in aircraft, as was the case with the Concorde with a turbocharger.

The project aims to produce a reusable aircraft that could fly to Mars but, as has often happened in the past, this could have a huge impact on the sector of passenger transport.

According to NASA’s Aeronautics in 2010, the space agency will allocate $ 5 million per year over the next three years to develop a new aircraft.

Under the program, the engineers will be engaged in ’entry, descent and landing of heavy vehicle in the planet’s atmosphere’ and the development of ’jet engine to fly into space. "

The program says: "The heating at supersonic speeds, as well as the need for multiple use, it is a serious technological challenge materials, coverings and structures that must not only withstand the aerodynamic effect of air, but also to be able to endure frequent high thermal loads, which require durability and strength while minimizing weight. "

Spacecraft must be light, fully reusable and not finicky to operate, if we want to reduce the cost of operations. "Attention, download news ticker and learn everything first.

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