Russia will clear space orbit space debris


Russia announced plans to spend about $ 2 billion for the program to clean up space for the purpose of cleaning the debris that fly in Earth orbit.

The program will be launched Russian Rocket and Space Corporation Energia. Will be allocated 60 billion rubles ($ 1.9 billion) to build and launch a spacecraft that will clean the orbit of broken parts from satellites and other debris that circulates around the Earth.

The construction of the ship will take up to ten years. Phase I trials are scheduled between 2020 and 2023 years. Then, start cleaning that will last ten years. It is planned to clear the debris from a large sector of the orbit, which is 600 of disabled satellites.

The device will be equipped with a nuclear plant, which will last for 15 years, which is more than sufficient for the task. Perhaps even there W3B satellite company Eutelsat, which was lost after launch last month.

RSC Energia is also working on "Space Interceptor" for the destruction of dangerous objects that fly to the Earth, such as comets and meteorites. Our news is the key informers, modern life. You are always aware of all the events of your country.

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