Exploded entire hemisphere of the sun


In this video, filmed by NASA in the UV range, the phenomenon can be seen in the existence of which, until recently, scientists did not believe. It is seen an explosion of a hemisphere of the sun, one region after another. What does this discovery?

It turns out that the sun is not simply thrown out of the gas jet in isolated locations. In fact, the magnetic field of our stars, allows disparate regions on its surface comes into direct contact with each other so that the zone at a distance of millions of miles of each other, can literally burn each other. This is called the "return fire."

NASA issued a special press release about it.

During the last three months, Karel Schrijver, an astrophysicist, was working with a physicist from Lockheed-Martin, Alan titles over deciphering the processes that took place during the "Great Eruption." They have no shortage of raw data, but this event was recorded with unprecedented precision, thanks to the Observatory NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft and STEREO. Together with several colleagues who were willing to answer any questions they had a press conference today at the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

They said that the explosions on the sun - it is not scattered and isolated processes. In contrast, solar activity has such quality as the interconnectedness of magnetism, and it manifests itself in the mind-boggling distances. Solar flares, tsunamis, coronal mass ejections - can begin simultaneously at distances of thousands of miles apart, in a dizzyingly complex during the chaotic processes.

"To predict outbreaks, we can no longer focus solely on the magnetic fields of isolated active regions," - said Title. "We have to take into account the surface magnetic field of practically the entire sun."

This discovery increases the workload of the space weather forecasters, but also increases the accuracy of their predictions.

"The approach that takes into account the entire surface of the sun, promises a breakthrough in predicting solar activity," - commented Rodney Viyrek of the Space Weather Prediction Center of NOAA in Boulder, Colorado. "And this, in turn, will make more accurate predictions for our customers, such as power grid operators and commercial airlines, who will be able to take the necessary measures to protect its equipment and the safety of passengers and employees." News First, download and upload news ticker on your page.

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