China and Russia this year will start a joint exploration of Mars


Together with Russia, China will launch its first Mars probe in October after a two-year delay.

Yinghuo-1 probe to be launched in October 2009, together with the Russian Phobos, from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan but the launch was delayed.

Quoting an unnamed expert from the Chinese Academy of Space Technology, reported that the rise has been scheduled for October this year. Also, China is planning to produce a self-running probe to Mars in 2013.

According to previous reports, one of the main goals of launching a probe is to determine the causes of extinction of water that once filled in excess of the surface of Mars.

China has been engaged in the study of the moon and it will be the next step in an ambitious space program, which is expected, would not yield to those of the United States and Russia.

Currently launched lunar exploration satellite Chang’e 2. It produces a variety of tests to prepare for landing unmanned Chang’e-3, which is scheduled for launch in 2013.

China became the third country in the world (after the U.S. and Russia), which itself has carried out a manned space flight. Yang Liwei was produced by a single space flight Shenzhou-5 spacecraft in 2003. Attention, download news ticker and learn everything first.

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