Discovered the smallest planet


Distant solar planets do not seem to come out of the shadows, showing its appearance during these days. Due to this fact, astronomers were able to identify the smallest of them. Smaller than the size of the Earth is 1.4 times the smallest solar planet is not known to scientists until now has been discovered Kepler spacecraft during planetary searches; reported by the international space agency

The mission of the spacecraft Kepler, confirmed the discovery of the first rocky distant planet, named Kepler-10b, and based on the collection of data on a stretch of more than eight months, lasted from May 2009 to early January 2010. NASA launched the Kepler - NASA’s first mission in the search for and discovery of orbiting planets like Earth or near habitable zones of their stars, areas where there could be liquid water (and as a consequence - the conditions for life).

Nevertheless, while Kepler-10b 0.84 orbitiruet every day, it is more than 20 times closer to its star than Mercury our sun and unsuitable for living area.

"Kepler Spacecraft best managed in the first place to give first solid proof of the existence of a rocky planet, orbitiruyuschey a star other than our sun," - said in a statement Natalie Batalha (Natalie Batalha), head of the research group of the Research Center of NASA in Moffett Field, California. "A group of researchers Kepler committed back in 2010, to provide evidence for the existence of small planets and this year began their precise performance."

Natalie Batalha - is the original author of the document evidencing the outer opening and received the publication Astrophysical Journal. Popular news informers tell about the most important events of the day.

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