Russia plans to re-organize the space tourism in 2013


Recently it was announced that Russia would re-open access to the Soyuz spacecraft for tourists in 2013 after a break since 2009, reported on Wednesday one of the companies in the U.S. that organizes travel in sky-high space together with the Russian Space Agency.

Since 2013, about three space tourists a year will be able to book seats on the Soyuz space ship to make a flight to the International Space Station (ISS) - this information has provided a company based in Virginia, "Space Travel".

The company has already signed an agreement with the Russian Space Agency and certain state-owned organization "Energy", which is developing a capsule of the Union for the implementation of commercial flights.

The President of the State Institution "Energia", Vitaliy Lopota (Vitaly Lopota), said in an interview: "We are very pleased to continue activities related to space tourism."

Flying in space will be possible in 2013, a time when Russia will raise its production of Soyuz capsules from four to five a year, moving to a program that will allow to increase the number of flights to five per year.

The last space tourist was a Canadian citizen Guy Laliberte (Guy Laliberte), the billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil, which has successfully returned to Earth in October 2009 after an 11-day mission.

The first space tourist, Dennis Tito (Denis Tito), he made a trip to the ISS in 2001. All together, seven space tourists have taken part in missions.

Laliberte not to disclose the cost of your ticket, but his predecessor, the programmer Charles Simonyi (Charles Simonyi), trip cost $ 35 million.

Since his return Laliberte, Russia has limited flights to triple their cramped Soyuz spacecraft, making them possible exclusively for professionals as well as the space agency NASA in the United States is preparing to decommission their own ships.

The space agency NASA plans to launch its last space shuttle Endeavour in April of this year, after which, the Russian ship Soyuz will be the only means to reach the ISS.

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