Astronomers first observed the birth of a new planet


For the first time scientists have discovered the birth of a new world around a distant star like the sun.

If a discovery that was made by the Very Large Telescope of the European Observatory, get confirmation, it will be the first such case in the world. Matter in the form of discs, which is located around young stars, to whom is going in the early stages of planet formation.

Astronomers studying T Chamaeleontis or T Cha, faded star located at a distance of 350 light-years from Earth in the southern constellation Chameleon, found a big hole in the disk around the star. Then, they found a small object in the disk, which can be a cause of the breach.

Details findings are described in two articles in the current issue of Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Johan Olofsson from the German Astronomical Institute of the Max Planck, author of an article, said that scientists have chosen this star because it is comparable to the sun, but at the beginning of their lives: she was only seven million years.

Scientists know that planets are formed from the material in the form of a disc, which is located around young stars. This process happens very quickly, so it is so hard to see.

Was the first to detect planets form in one of the pass-through disks, although the age of the planet in a more disks have seen before.

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