Residents of Colorado observed a mysterious UFO phenomenon


Residents of Lafayette in Colorado reported that they observed last week, "a strange game glowing lights" in the night sky, which caused excitement among the local people and the society UFOs. Two witnesses, liroyu van der Veghte and his son, Nick, was even able to record on video a strange phenomenon. Their short video clip became a sensation in YouTube, allowing all to see that the channel "Fox News" calls "UFO frenzy" in Colorado.

Three strange bright red lights are not just flashed, and long remained in the sky, making a number of actions. They hovered in limbo changed shape and then moving to the north-east, disappeared after a few minutes. Eyewitness Van der Veghte said that maybe it was not an alien spacecraft, but he definitely sure it was not a satellite or aircraft lights, such as a helicopter or airplane. "It was absolutely quiet. Was not hear any noise," - he said.

Another witness, Lester Valdez, said: "This was a glowing objects that appeared at the same time, at the same time moving and disappeared at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it."

So what was it? The aliens? Secret warships? Or something more secular? Clues to the mystery of the UFO phenomenon may be on movies and witnessing the witnesses, and may pose a fully terrestrial origin.

First, a number of lights that appeared in the sky, like a self-moving objects, not fixed lights light aircraft. As shown on the video, and according the witnesses, they all move in the same direction, maintaining a more or less the same degree in the same air flow, then each individually shifted.

Second, the assertion Van der Veghte lack of noise from the subject confirms the theory that the lights were not artificial light aircraft. Although luminous objects moving, they were not equipped with an engine or motor. So the lights are probably sailed through the air, but did not move any energy being energized.

What kind of lights could sail across the sky at night, to perform simultaneous movements, and then disappear after a few minutes?

The fact that the lights light disappeared, also supports the theory of a hoax. They have not departed away at high speed, as it could be the case with an airplane or helicopter, and suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Witnesses observed the phenomenon, reported that the red lights continue to stay in one place, but gradually "faded", just like decaying road signal lights. Is not it interesting coincidence that the red - the most common color of traffic signal lights?

This is not the first time that people joke, sending the signal lights, tying them to balloons; identical detection have been made over Phoenix in 2008, then to New Jersey a year later, made similar tricks.

It is not surprising that the witnesses could not identify objects, as most people have no idea how to look at the night sky traffic signal lights attached to balloons. Of course, not every man should know it: the lights do not look like anything ever seen before witnesses, but that does not mean that they were aliens. Of course, it is also possible that alien visitors visited Colorado last week on a spaceship that was just like a traffic signal lights attached to the balls ...

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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