Revealed the secret FBI files on UFOs?


Is the recently discovered in the archives of the FBI memo in 1950 proves that the U.S. government attested facts of flying saucers and alien bodies in Roswell, New Mexico? This was the main topic of many news publications and Web sites. British tabloid "Sun", for example, points out that "amazing UFO seen in Roswell, New Mexico, has been described in detail FBI agent Guy Hottel (Guy Hottel) in a memo in 1950 director of".

In the memo, dated 22 March, it was reported that "an investigative Air Force argued that the three so-called flying saucers were found in New Mexico ... Each plate contained three forms of the human beings who have been growing only about 90 cm and dressed in metallic cloth colors are very fine texture. According to our informants, who wished to remain anonymous, flying devices were found in New Mexico. " This is obviously true memo belonging to the FBI office, and so far there is no clear confirmation of fraud.

This confidential document is a clear piece of evidence that finally confirmed the suspicions of all the people who believe in the existence of UFOs. The story was circling around the Internet, attracting the attention of loud titles like "The secret FBI document ’proves’ the fact of the landing of aliens in Roswell in 1947."

The truth, however, is contradictory. Memo - this is no secret, nor is something new, and not necessarily something related to the events that happened in Roswell. This document was actually discussed among ufologists, starting with the late 1990s. In the closed reading revealed that the agent Hottel does not endorse or verify any of the information provided in the memo, and he just said that he told the investigator of the Air Force, who told someone else about the destruction of flying saucers. Thus, it is not documented, the story of the third word.

Further description in the memo of the three "flying saucers circular shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet (15 meters) in diameter," does not correspond to an accident in 1947 in Roswell. Eyewitnesses described the discovery of Roswell as a light metal debris scattered in the field, instead of three whole dish diameter of 50 feet, in which there were nine dead alien bodies.

In fact, this memo does not refer to Roswell, and on the other a small New Mexico town called Aztec, which in March 1948 was recorded UFO crash. Thomas David (David E. Thomas), a physicist and researcher with a group of New Mexicans for Science and Reason, discovered that the informant mentioned in the memo was undoubtedly a con artist named Silas Newton (Silas Newton), who created the hoax UFO crash, composing a story about circular flying saucers with aliens rise no more than 3 feet (90 cm). He tried to convince investors that he had access to a crashed alien technology that will make them all rich. It was fraud, and Newton was arrested in 1952 and convicted on charges of fraud. Newton did not talk about it Investigative Air Force above Hottel as he told it to many other people, including the author of the magazine "Variety" named Frank Scully (Frank Scully).

Also suspicious of the fact that the document, which is "clear evidence" is the usual office memo. It is not classified as "Top Secret" or simply "The Secret", in fact he does not classified. This supposed evidence destroyed flying saucers mentioned in the usual memo, without much secrecy as openly as other office documents filed in a public folder skrepkosshivatelem.

Original: LiveScience Translation: M. Potter

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