NASA will invest $ 270 million in the development of space taxis


Commercial space travel one step closer to putting into reality: NASA has allocated $ 270 million to companies that will focus on development of space vehicles.

The astronauts will be able to get to the International Space Station on a private spacecraft. They will come to replace the shuttles, which were sent on a holiday.

Funds allocated to four firms that spend their final stages of development on the orbiters.

Boeing got the largest share - 92.3 million, and the private company Sierra Nevada - about $ 80 million.

The company Space Exploration Technologies, which recently unveiled the most powerful rocket ever built, will receive 75 million, and the Blue Origin received a contract for $ 22 million.

With these funds, the company will develop machines that will be used as a space taxi.

Earlier this year, after 39 successfully completed missions, the space shuttle "Discovery" was dismantled and placed in a museum.

Later this month, a twin "Discovery" ship "Endeavour" will make its last trip into space, and then a final flight in June will make a "Atlantis", after which they will be transferred to the reserve.

"We hope that one day the industry of commercial flights into low Earth orbit will be developed, profitable commercial enterprise, with a wide range of service providers for public use, and for strictly personal," - said Philip McAlister, acting director for the development of commercial space Flight at NASA.

McAllister continued, "I am sure that many American companies, provided that a sufficient amount of time may develop a safe, reliable and affordable commercial transportation system."

John Gedmark, executive director of Commercial Spaceflight Federation, said: "The investment of money in a private company, it is the most effective way to invest in NASA is difficult from an economic point of view the time."

"By investing in commercial space flight, instead of giving billions of dollars in Russia, NASA creates jobs in America, instead of creating them abroad."

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