The body of a dead alien found in Siberia


It’s all too strange looks to be true, but the two hikers said they found the body of an alien in frozen wastes of Siberia. Lying on his back with his mouth open a little, thin, with significant damage to the body half peeped out of the snow in the countryside near Irkutsk, Russia.

The area where the find was discovered is known as a hotspot of UFO and alien corpse video became a huge hit all over the world after it was posted on the Internet and viewed by thousands of users. Badly damaged corpse of an alien creature that is similar to an unearthly creature ET, reaching a height of 2 feet (70 centimeters).

As seen in the shooting at the alien corpse was missing part of his right leg, and deep holes in the head, the shape of which resembled a skull, apparently, were the eyes and mouth. UFO fans believe the body could have been left by extraterrestrial beings after the accident occurred, or missed by Russian military experts in the field of UFOs, investigate the circumstances of the accident.

The area where the corpse was found unusual is the hot spot of the well-known UFO dozen different mysterious sightings being reported almost every year.

This includes reported UFO encounter with Earth, which occurred near the Irkutsk region in Siberia, about a month ago. "We could not believe it when they saw it for themselves. And that was odd, because it’s what’s nearby did not show any signs of a spaceship. Perhaps it was removed, and the body of an alien ignored" - said Igor Molovik (Igor Molovic), one of the witnesses, who shot the video phenomenon.

Video clip is now viewed almost 700,000 people in just a few days. Cynics argue that the video is a sheer forgery, which was used to create an elaborate model of the body of alien creatures. But one of the fans of UFOs expressed on the forum: "This is unhealthy, but the normal thing when people scream that it is a fake, he saw something strange and incredible. If this is not yet proven, that does not mean that it is fraud or forgery. "

"If this is fake, then it’s not the witnesses, and the real professionals to create puppets. Yet I think that this is real footage, one of the few truly shocking" - shared his impressions of another UFO fans.

Original: Dailymail Translation: M. Potter

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