Russia concerned for the safety of the spacecraft SpaceX


Russia said it would not allow the spacecraft company SpaceX Dragon to dock with the International Space Station until then, until all the necessary tests to ensure the safety of the process. Joining previously scheduled for December 2011. "We will not issue a permit until it is proven necessary level of reliability and security," - said the head of the department manned Roscosmos Alexei Krasnov. "While we have no evidence that the spacecraft complies with the safety of space flight."

NASA had no immediate comment on the statements Krasnov, which was reported in the Russian media.

SpaceX, NASA has requested permission to dock in December, after the pass another test Dragon this summer. Today, the company SpaceX has already scheduled twelve flights in order to deliver cargo to 2015. Chapter SpaceX announced that they plan to launch manned flights by 2016.

Some critics consider Russia as a statement is not relevant to the safety of trying to maintain a monopoly in the field of flight to the ISS. After the closure of the program in the U.S. shuttles this summer, Russian remains the only country in the world, capable of carrying cargo and astronauts to the ISS. Russia raised rates for the delivery of U.S. astronauts and cargo to the station on Soyuz spacecraft and Progress cargo ships.

Original: Physorg

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