The most detailed three-dimensional map of the distant Universe


It is the largest and most detailed 3D map of the universe, which allows you to go to 11 billion years ago.

Scientists have studied the brightest objects in the sky and presented the most complex image space of all ever created.

But because the light was coming to Earth for a very long time, and it also has a window to the past 11 billion years, when the first galaxies were formed from large clusters.

In the past, to create such maps, used galaxy clusters and not, and they are allowed to look into the past only 7 billion years.

This card will open the details of the expansion of the universe and the mystery of dark energy, which is the driving force behind the expansion.

It was compiled by scientists in a project called Sloan Digital Sky Survey, in which 14 000 were studied quasars, very bright objects that take energy from the black hole.

As the advancement of light to the earth QSO it illuminates intergalactic hydrogen clouds that it absorbs at certain wavelengths.

As a result, they have succeeded spotty image indicates places where red with large amount of gas, and blue - with smaller.

A similar pattern of light from the quasar is known as the Lyman-alpha forest.

"Here you can see the intergalactic hydrogen, which blocks light," - said physicist Ense Slosar of Brookhaven National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy.

"It’s like looking at the moon through clouds - you can see the shape of the clouds through the moonlight that they block."

She compared it with samples of ice from Antarctica - studying sections, you can determine exactly what happened in the past.

Patrick McDonald of Brookhaven Lab, said that they used the telescope will allow them in the future "to measure the expansion rate of the universe 11 billion years ago with a precision of a few percent."

"Given that before nobody measured the cosmic expansion rate so far in the past, it’s just an amazing opportunity."

Slosar told that they may even discover that the "dark energy actually began working at the universe 11 billion years ago, not 7 billion years ago, as was predicted by the simple theory itself." "The potential is very large discoveries of anomalies."

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