Some black holes may be older than the Universe


According to a new intriguing hypothesis, some black holes might occur before the formation of our universe.

in his work, Professor Bernard Carr from Queen Mary University of London and Professor Alan Coley from Canada’s Dalhousie University, presented a model in which the universe goes through cycles of birth and death.

According to their work, some black holes may remain from a previous universe that collapsed during the Great Compression, and then revived in the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago.

Received the name of the original black holes, they were formed in the hyper-dense conditions that existed in the first moments after the Big Bang. This makes them even more unusual than those black holes that formed during the collapse of massive stars or in the center of galaxies.

According to Professor Carr and Professor Coley, if the universe expands and contracts during cyclical Big Bangs and Big Squeeze, some primordial black holes could survive.

They came to this conclusion by thinking about what can happen in a moment in front of the compression.

According to them, instead of the singularity, when all the matter in the universe merges into a single point in the transition from compression to the Big Big Bang achieved densities that allow the black holes, ranging from a few hundreds of millions of pounds and up to the mass of our sun, survive as an individual entities.

While primordial black holes exist only in theory, and even if one day scientists will discover them, Professor Carr and Professor Coley noted that there is no way to determine where it originated - in our universe, or in the previous one.

Dr Tamara Davis, a theoretical astrophysicist and cosmologist Kvislendskogo University, said that although it’s an interesting job, but it is extremely speculative.

According to her, this hypothesis is pushing the limits of existing theories is much broader than these theories are able to describe.

"We know that our theories are not able to describe the density and pressure that existed in the Big Bang" - she said.

"We do not know the physics of the processes taking place at the same time, and whether similar processes taking place at all. This is just one of the possible theories of the beginning of our universe at this very speculative."

According to Dr. Davis, a cyclic universe theory, allow the existence of a variety of fundamental physical constants.

"The strength of gravity, the speed of light or the strength of the electric charge can be different in different universes," - she said.

"Therefore, the assumption that black holes can exist in multiple universes consistently become more ghostly."

"But such studies are important because they allow you to push the boundaries of existing theories, which allows to detect weaknesses and find solutions to strengthen them."

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