Dark matter can cause a solar flare?


It is believed that a solar flare - a sudden change in the brightness of the solar chromosphere, which greatly relieved when energy stored in twisted magnetic fields (usually above sunspots). Within a few minutes a substance sunny in the area heated to millions of degrees and a release of a wide variety of electromagnetic radiation - from the radio waves to X rays and gamma rays.

According to scientists, some of the solar flares may be caused by dark matter particles, axions, erupting from the center of the Sun.

Axions (axions) were proposed in the 1970s to help explain the mystery of why our universe is made mostly of matter and not antimatter. Axions should be carried deep into the sun and interact with some of its magnetic fields on its way out, producing a flash, clearly visible in X-ray wavelengths.

Physicists have predicted that these axion-generated flares are certain characteristic features. Expected, for example, that X-ray photons will go outbreaks radially outside of the Sun. However, observations have shown that they go out at all angles.

Now, researchers led by Konstantin Zioutasom (Konstantin Zioutas) from the University of Patras in Greece (University of Patras in Greece) said that they had decided such inconsistencies.

In their opinion, the first X-rays produced by axions to ionize the surrounding material. Then the electrons liberated in the process, should make the next x-rays scatter, explaining why photons do not have a preferred direction towards the Sun.

Zioutas said detailed analysis of flares have a depth at which they are formed by the sun. This, in turn, could shed light on what a mass of axions are, since their mass is related to the density of the solar plasma, in which they would be able to produce X-ray photons.

Knowing the mass of axions scientists can calculate how many were produced in the early universe to figure out what part of the dark matter are axions, and which is composed of other candidates into its components, such as particles known as WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) - weakly interacting massive particles. Visit the news portal, argue, argue, prove.

Original: Space.Newscientist.com

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