SpaceX is developing the most powerful rocket in the world to fly to Mars


Company specializing in the field of space technology, busy updating the old launch pad to launch missiles at Vandenberg aviavozdushnoy basis. The company said that they intend to start out the most powerful rocket in the world.

In April, SpaceX announced its plans to build and launch the rocket Falcon Heavy. It is the largest rocket in the world since the Saturn V, which took astronauts to the moon. Workers build a new barn for storage Falcon Heavy.

The new missile in the world, not only propel science forward, but also have a positive impact on the city of Lompoc.

"This is a turning point in the history of our city," - said Lompoc Mayor John Linn.

The assurances of the company SpaceX, Falcon Heavy will be large enough to deliver the goods, and even astronauts into orbit. The missile can carry up to 50,000 pounds of payload, twice the capabilities of shuttles.

"This is the next generation of spacecraft. He will break out of the solar system," - said the company founder Elon Musk.

"We are expecting the arrival of something new in the field of space technology and today we are taking the first step in this direction," - said Lynn.

Musk plans to make a breakthrough in this area. According to him, even the closure of the shuttle program NASA does not make him stop dreaming about big space achievements of mankind.

"Our ultimate goal, as incredible as it may sound, is the conquest of the people of Mars" - said Musk.

Vice-Governor Gavin Nyusom, together with Lynn and masks, held the opening ceremony of the largest launch pad last decades.

"We are here today to celebrate the curiosity of man, which is limited only by his imagination," - said Newsom.

Work has already begun on the demolition previous launch pad. Falcon Heavy will arrive at the base at the end of 2012, and its launch is scheduled for early 2013. This will create thousands of new jobs.

The rocket will be able to create traction in 1,723,651 pounds. For comparison, this is equivalent to the thrust produced 15 747 at full power.

SpaceX plans to upgrade the launch pad, which was established back in 1960. The last time she ran a Titan 4 rocket in 2005.

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