China goes into space


On Thursday, China successfully launched into orbit astronaut team of three people to run the country’s first spacewalk. This will be the first major breakthrough since the first flight of a Chinese citizen into space in 2003.

The spacecraft Shenzhou 7 successfully launched on board a Long March 2F rocket around 9:00 am Eastern time from the north-western China. Spacewalk by one of the astronauts is expected to be complete on Friday or Saturday.

Emphasizing the important political implications of the mission, Chinese President and Communist Party head Hu Jintao (Hu Jintao) have shown live on state television, while he welcomed the astronauts at the launch site near the northwestern city of Dzhukuan (Jiuquan).

"You certainly do all the tasks that great and sacred mission. Motherland and the people are looking forward to your triumphant return," - said Hu astronauts, dressed in suits and hidden behind glass to avoid germs.

The mission is scheduled for three - four days. Spacewalk will last about 40 minutes.

EVA will help China improve their technique docking orbiters. This will help in the next few years to create the first orbiting space station in China.

EVA will happen on Friday or Saturday, depending on how quickly the astronauts will be able to adapt to weightlessness and other physical conditions of the environment.

Shortly after the spacewalk astronauts return to Earth. During the mission, Chinese astronauts will support the Russian experts. Only the first news portal tells about the events of the day.


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