SpaceX to deliver cargo to the ISS


While NASA has closed the program "Space Shuttle", the company SpaceX has confirmed plans to launch a second test capsule to the International Space Station, which is scheduled to produce 30 November.

SpaceX became the first private company in the stories, which launched a capsule into orbit and returned to Earth.

Corporation of California, which at the moment is upgrading its capsule cargo ship Dragon, in order to prepare her for the transport of persons, has already made the launch of a more severe version of the missile Falcon.

"The purpose of our next flight will be the delivery of cargo to the ISS and return capsule back" - said Garrett Reisman, a former astronaut who works at SpaceX.

If the flight is successful, it will be the beginning of a series of 12 missions to deliver cargo, which will bring the company $ 1.6 billion.

NASA spokesman, Dennis Stone, said the space agency believes that the delivery of goods as well as service crew, are key to use the full potential of the ISS and low Earth orbit, "some of which have already been talk, while the other we have, maybe we can not even imagine. "

SpaceX is one of two companies hired by NASA to send cargo to the ISS after the closure of the shuttle program.

Main technical characteristics of Dragon:

- Fully automatic docking system with the ability to switch to manual control

- 6000 kg payload to low Earth orbit and 3,000 kg to orbit the Earth.

- Cargo capacity: 10 cubic feet in a sealed, 14 cubic meters per unsealed.

- The crew up to 7 people

- Built-in dual protection

- Landing by parachute into the ocean

Original: Tgdaily

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