Scientists launch a spacecraft to an asteroid for the protection of the Earth


Scientists launch a spacecraft to an asteroid for mining operations to protect the Earth

Scientists are going to send a spacecraft to an asteroid in order to prepare for a possible direct confrontation with the Earth.

In this case, NASA has denied recent rumors that the comet collide with our planet.

The test mission, during which the action will be worked out to prevent asteroid collision with Earth, will hold the European Space Agency.

During the tests, called "Don Quixote", will be launched two spacecraft. One of them will try to shift the asteroid off its course, and the other will be to collect valuable information about the progress of the mission.

Potential target mission - 500 meter asteroid called 99942 Apophis, the chances of a collision with Earth is quite low - one of 250,000 in 2036.

NASA scientists have rejected speculation that bedevil the information space, according to which the comet Elenin, opened last December, will crash into the Earth.

According to rumors, the comet was to plunge the Earth into total darkness for three days, blocking sunlight, and then, she would have faced the Earth. Officials explained: "The truth is, Elenin has received much more attention than they deserve, because of a variety of Internet messages that contained false information."

Original: Telegraph

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