Chinese scientists want to pull the Earth asteroid and start on it mining


Received an unexpected continuation study of asteroids and their impact on the Earth during the approach to our planet. Hexi Bayoin with two colleagues, Yang Chen and Lee Dzhungfengom from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, considering the displacement of near-Earth objects to the Earth, causing them to spin at the Earth’s orbit. In the case of successful implementation, the project promises great benefits, because of this asteroid can be mined precious metals. The team published a study on the arXiv.

From the moment that mankind has realized the danger to our planet are asteroids and comets, which put forward some ideas on the removal or alteration of the way they move. The level of modern technology allows you to translate these ideas into practice. But no one in serious thought about the fact that these celestial bodies that represent, at first glance, the threat can be a real gold mine.

In their article, the team describes what they studied science known cases of capture by Jupiter asteroid for a while when they revolve around the planet, in the end, flying off into space. Such a case occurred, for example, a comet Oterma. This led them to the idea of the existence of such near-Earth objects that are just waiting for the case to do the same with the Earth. Unfortunately, the search for such objects has given nothing. But this did not stop them and they checked if there is a near-Earth objects that come very close to Earth. And these objects were found.

Researchers noticed an asteroid named 2008EA9. A width of ten meters, it was the ideal candidate, since such measures can pull him without danger of collision with the Earth, because if something goes wrong - it will burn more in the atmosphere. After spending calculations, the team found that if they could speed up the asteroid at 410 meters per second, it would make it rotate around the Earth at a distance twice as far as the moon. Close enough for this, and possibly the sampling Earth. The team, and everyone, there is still plenty of time to settle and assess the practical benefits of such an enterprise, as 2008EA9 come to us only in 2049.

Original: Physorg

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