Named the cause of the crash of the Union


According to the Russian Space Agency, clogged fuel line caused the collapse of the Soyuz rocket in August. Because of this accident were stopped manned missions to the International Space Station. It remains unclear whether able to fix the problem in time to avoid staying at the evacuation station astronauts.

Soyuz spacecraft crashed on August 24, did not deliver the cargo to the space station. The engine in the third stage completely out and down, which did not allow the Union to reach orbit.

This was a serious obstacle to the development of the space station program. NASA and Roscosmos use the Union to deliver cargo and astronauts to the space station. Since the program was shut down space shuttle, it’s the only way to deliver astronauts.

If the problem is not corrected by November, it will have to evacuate people from the ISS. Two ships of the Union, which is currently parked in a space station, will soon reach the limit lifetime, after which they can no longer be relied upon in the safe delivery of the people on Earth.

Investigation Committee was able to identify the cause of the accident. Roskosmos posted a message on the Internet, which reported on the findings made by the Commission.

They concluded that the cause was a clogged fuel line.

Fuel line not deliver fuel directly into the engine, generator and feeds the electricity. The electricity used by the pumps that supply fuel and oxygen in a rocket engine.

Joshua Buck, a NASA spokesman, confirmed that the commission found the cause. He asked to forward all questions to the Federal Space Agency, adding that the U.S. space agency is still "testing information" received from their Russian colleagues.

"Finding the cause - it is only the first step," - he said. "We still have work to be done in order to understand what happened and what steps need to be taken to ensure that this no longer occurs."

NASA hopes that the problem will be solved in time and the evacuation of the space station can be avoided, but so far no final decision was reached on this issue.

The Committee concluded that the fuel line was scored as a result of an error made in the production phase.

In a sense, this is good news, because it means that the cause of the accident was not a fundamental flaw in the structure of the Union, it would be difficult to correct in time.

But this raises concern over the fact that such defective components can regain the rocket series Union.

Mike Suffredini of NASA reported soon after the accident on August 24 that if the team was flying on this ship, it could be safe to descend on parachutes back to Earth.

Despite this, NASA and Roscosmos going to produce one or two unmanned missions before again send astronauts.

"It’s a tough situation, but Russian demonstrated that they are able to bounce back after setbacks," - said after the accident, Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks starts. "In general, the quality of their missiles good."

Original: Newscientist

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