Created the most detailed computer model of the universe


New cosmological model of the universe, created on a supercomputer and dubbed the Bolshoi, is the most detailed and largest to date. Now available to physicists and astronomers have a new powerful tool for clues such cosmic mysteries as galaxy formation, dark matter and dark energy.

This model tracks the development of large-scale structures of the universe, including the evolution and distribution of dark matter in the halo of the galaxy, in which the growth and formation of galaxies. Already initiated studies have shown that the assumptions and observations of astronomers do not contradict the model.

"In a sense, we can say that the initial results of a little boring, because they have shown that our standard cosmological model works," - said Joel Primack, a famous physicist from the University of California at Santa Cruz. "But the good news is that we now have this highly accurate model that will be the basis for many important new studies in the months and years ahead."

Primack and Anatoly Klypin, professor of astronomy at the University of the State of New Mexico, make up the team that brought to life model Bolshoi. Klypin wrote the computer code of the model, which was launched on the Pleiades supercomputer at NASA’s Ames Research Center. "These huge cosmological models are needed to interpret the results of ongoing astronomical observations and the planning of new large studies of the universe, which will determine the nature of the mysterious dark energy," - said Klypin.

Primak told that the publication of the data obtained by the model Bolshoi, began in September. "We have published a lot of information to other astrophysicists can start to use it," - he said. "As long as it is less than percent of all the information we received, since its total size is very large, but in the future will go further publication."

The previous record of the largest cosmological model belongs to the Millennium Run, on the basis of which were released over 400 scientific papers since 2005. But as it became known, initial settings, which were introduced in the Millennium Run, were inaccurate.

Model Bolshoi is a section of the universe in the form of a cube edge length which is one billion light years. It allows you to track the interaction of 8.6 billion particles of dark matter. It took 6 million processor-hours to complete all the necessary calculations on a supercomputer Pleiades, which was recently ranked as the seventh-fastest supercomputers in the world.

"Will has a lot of scientific articles on the basis of this model," - said Primack.

Funds for this research were provided by NASA and the National Science Foundation.

Original: Sciencedaily

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