A direct correlation between solar activity and winter weather


Scientists have shown for the first time a direct link between the 11-year solar cycle and winter weather of the northern hemisphere.

They found that low solar activity leads to the cold winters in the UK, northern Europe and parts of America. The high activity of the Sun gives, accordingly, reverse the result.

This study helps to explain the reason for such cold winters over the past few years: the sun was just beginning to go out of the so-called solar minimum, when its activity is at its lowest point.

"Our research shows that the link between the solar cycle and winter climate is much more than just a coincidence," - said Adam Skayfe, one of the study’s authors.

The results, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, will improve the accuracy of forecasts of winter weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

"We were able to reproduce a consistent climate model to explain how it works, and to measure its parameters by means of a computer model. This is not the only factor affecting the climate of the region, but this is a very important factor and understanding will make more accurate forecasts of seasonal and decadal "- said Skayfe.

During the measurements of NASA solar activity via satellite, launched in 2003, was first held measurement of solar radiation throughout the ultravolnovomu spectrum.

During periods of high solar activity, which fall on the peaks of eleven-year solar cycle, strong easterly winds bring warm air to Europe, leading to the warm winters.

This study, along with other similar studies, much enriched our understanding of the formation of the weather, "- said Joanna Haicheng, from Imperial College London.

Original: Physorg

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