Cross the Universe for a few hours?


The recent news of neutrinos moving faster than the speed of light, caused a surge of new ideas to create warp engines, or similar devices that can exceed the speed of light. It turns out that it does not need to invent something that can move faster than 300,000 miles per second.

While we believe that a ray of light comes from the Earth to Alpha Centauri in 4.3 years, but if you get a spaceship, moving at a speed of 99.999 percent of the speed of light, then your feelings would get there in just a few days, hours or even minutes - depending on the number, add 99 percent to the end of the expression.

This is due to the fact that as the speed of our imaginary spaceship, time dilation will become more and more manifestations, and by your subjective feelings you get to your destination faster. With sufficient, 999 you will be able to cross the entire universe in a few days, although to the casual observer, you will move at a speed slightly less than the 300,000 miles per second.

Thus, it is possible to reduce the time to the subjective as many small value until time until it is greater than zero.

Unable to come from one point to another faster than instantaneously, because then you will arrive at point B faster than the leave point A.

If it were possible, led to insoluble paradoxes of cause-and-effect relationships, for example, you may decide not to go from point A, although it came to point B. This idea is not only meaningless, but also violates the laws of thermodynamics, because then at the universe would have two - the other you came out of nowhere.

Therefore, you can not go faster than light because the light is not so special, but because it can not move between two points faster than instantaneously. Light, in fact, moving swiftly as gravity and possibly some other phenomenon that we have yet to discover. But we should not expect to open anything that moves faster than instantaneously, because it does not make sense.

As was proved in the course of many experiments, the time does not flow at the same rate in different frames of reference. Therefore, having the necessary technology can be being on a spaceship to make a cup of tea, while the world will be changed eons. It’s not about speed, but in the subjective perception of speed between the two points. And then there is a natural limit - zero.

Woody Allen once said that time - this is what makes everything in nature does not occur at the same time. To paraphrase him, we can say that the space-time, it is a method that uses nature to everyone in the world took place in the same place at the same time.

Original: Physorg

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