Completed 520-day simulated mission to Mars


Six men come out of the conventional spacecraft on November 5. This will mark the end of the 520-day simulated mission to Mars.

As part of the Mars-500 experiment, they were kept in an enclosed "space ship", an area of 72 square meters in Moscow. It was the most realistic simulation of a flight to the Red Planet in history.

To maintain realism, team communication with the control center took place with a time lag.

Doctors monitored the state of the immune system, sleep cycles, hormone levels and other indicators of health status, keeping track of all changes in the course of the test year and a half stay in a confined space. One of these studies was that they had urine samples were taken to measure the level of salt content in order to determine whether changes in the level of male hormones, like the women’s menstrual cycles.

Psychologists followed the mood of the team and to see how they affect insulation. This will not only help future astronauts, but it may be useful to provide psychological support to soldiers suffering from stress and apathy.

The team is looking forward to returning home. "Our goal is Near!" - Wrote on October 23 in Twitter crew member Diego Urbina. On October 13 in his blog, he shared his impressions. "As soon as the experiment is nearing completion, I am increasingly aware that it was not a journey into space, and the journey into the mind and of itself" - he wrote - "to realize the importance of communication and respect for the well-organized team and what how valuable link with the real world, however limited and fragile it may be in this situation. "

French engineer Romain Charles, recently wrote in his diary: "Our international team has successfully passed the Mars-500 mission, and we are pleased and proud to be able to answer positively to the question, which was raised by one and a half years ago:" Can a person survive, psychologically and Physiologically, the difficulties associated flight to Mars? Yes, we are ready for it ".

On the analysis of the results that scientists will take about a year.

Original: Newscientist

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