ESA has recorded signal Phobos-Soil


The Russian Space Agency said that the Australian tracking station in Perth on Wednesday night still caught quite a clear signal from the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft. The station belongs to the European Space Agency (ESA), and scientists have begun to decode the received signal.

The signal from the device seemed to have lost the Phobos-Soil entered during one of the four planned sessions with interplanetary station. Australian station recorded signal when the ship was in the area round of illuminated by the Sun. Experts will try to still establish a stable relationship with the space station, repeated attempts at night from the 23rd to the 24th of November. Active assistance in connection with the renewal of naughty spacecraft will have a European station.

Rene Pishel, head of ESA representative of the Russian Federation, the European stations that the signal from the Phobos-Grunt was recorded for the first time. It so happened that the signal has been caught in the latest attempt to ground stations to communicate with stranded in orbit spaceship. If the machine does not beep, all attempts to contact him have been discontinued.

The European Space Agency announced the exact time even a session with the Russian ship. In Perth, the station contacted the Phobos-Grunt to 00.25 MSK on Wednesday local time. Sources previously reported that the station received no full telemetry data, which was expected on earth, but only the carrier signal.

To contact the Phobos-Grunt, the European Space Agency has used radio antenna height of 15 meters, which are located at several stations of the agency. Such antennas are caught signal from the ship in South America on the space airfield Kourou, the Canary Islands and the Australian station in Perth.

Phobos-Grunt is a unique autonomous interplanetary station, which was to take soil samples from the Martian natural satellite. Starting the interplanetary station was launched from the Baikonur November 9, but in the process of access to space propulsion march installer does not work and the ship could not go on the flight path of the satellite of Mars. Since the station is actually stuck in the parking circular orbit. The failure could be a bug in the programming.

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