NASA postpones mission to Mars by 2011


According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the agency will have to delay the launch of the largest robotic Mars project, the cost of which may exceed your budget by a few hundred million dollars.

Launch of the new Mars rover Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) has been planned for next year, but most likely it will have to be postponed until 2011. All because of increased cost and a variety of intractable problems of a technical nature. The delay may add about 400 million to the budget, which was already swollen to two billion dollars.

According to NASA Administrator Michael Griffin (Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator), the launch of the mission in 2009 - too risky venture for the flagship project of the Agency.

This - the second time in two years, when NASA to postpone the flight to Mars. The last time the space agency has postponed for two years, is scheduled for launch in 2011 the 485 millionth atmospheric probe.

Since Mars and Earth closer together as only once in 26 months (the ideal time to fly to Mars), NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory will send to the Red Planet in 2011. In addition, delays in delivery and additional testing led to the fact that the project is late for a few months.

Mars Science Lab rover is considered to be the most perfect laboratory-designed to explore the surface of Mars. The size of a small SUV, the rover will try to find out if there was a habitable environment in the early history of Mars, using high-tech tools for the analysis of Martian rocks in more detail than its predecessor. Our news is the key informers, modern life. You are always aware of all the events of your country.

Original: Physorg

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