Mercury found near the flying object


The video made by NASA probe internet users found in orbit of Mercury mysterious object of impressive dimensions. The outline of the object looked like a spaceship.

The space probe Stereo December 1 shot violent eruption of solar plasma, when accidentally committed a strange object near Mercury. Recording with the shooting of solar activity posted on YouTube, where one of the users suddenly noticed that the stream of plasma ejected by the Sun "wraps around" not only the planet Mercury, but also a strange object near it.

Ufologists immediately hypothesized that the strange object - is nothing short of an alien spaceship. Another plausible explanation, they studied the video is not found.

The experts studied the video tape made by a probe disappointed hunters aliens. They stated that they allegedly caught in the frame of the mysterious object is merely a defective video, which appeared due to poor video processing. In the research laboratory of the Navy United States explained that the so-called "space ship" is the trace of the Mercury, which he left on November 30. During shooting, the image was used, the resulting two-days earlier and just forgot to remove from the record.

Laboratory Nathan Rich explained that when video lasts for two days, the planets are in the form of artifacts in the place where they are fixed camera on the first day of shooting. The superior image these artifacts are displayed as bright areas, but in reality it is only trace left the planet.

This is not the only case where ordinary Internet users to find photographs from space mysterious phenomena. Most recently, American David Martinez said at a regular picture of Mars from space an object similar to an artificial plant. Then the Americans looked attentive images of Mars in the program Google Earth. However, experts and then disappoint the Internet user, saying that they found the object appeared because of violations of the camera companion. Arizona astronomer Alfred Mc Ewen speculated that the object is more like a regular linear artifact, which appeared due to cosmic radiation.

Article prepared by Oksana Skripko

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