His father died Russian space Boris Chertok


Did not live up to quite a bit of the centenary, on the 99th, died a famous designer of rocket technology, academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Boris Chertok. After two and a half months, the father of the Russian space would have turned a hundred years.

Boris Chertok, was one of the closest associates of Sergei Korolev.

For many years, Chertok directed the Academic Conference on Astronautics, often called the "Royal Reader", was a leading member of the Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" and until recently taught lectures at the university.

The name of the designer tie the major achievements of the Soviet Union in the field of space exploration. Seven years ago, in an interview with Boris Chertok revealed the secret code of Yuri Gagarin, explained the reasons for defeat of the USSR in the "moon race" and admitted that all his life he wanted to go to space.

The academician always with a smile, remembering the first meeting with the queen, which occurred in 1945 in Germany.

Chertok was never afraid to speak out directly. In an interview with the designer said that he had lost the Soviet Union in the famous "moon race" because he refused to work on the ground the first stage of the H-1. To work out then needed a large and very expensive fire stand. Money for the installation of regret and at the first start working immediately apparent multiple failures that could prevent mining.

It Chertok called the people who actually closed the "Moonlight program." After four failed launches, according to the scientist, Mstislav Keldysh. President of the Academy of Sciences, Sergei Afanasiev, Minister of General Engineering, and Dmitry Ustinov, the secretary of the Central Committee for Defence Affairs, made the decision to end the project of landing on the moon. They are reportedly Chertok, rejected the idea of building a base on the moon.

The academician said, before launching Gagarin into space came from psychologists concluded that, once in the open space, a person can go crazy. Then coined the secret code 125, only when typing which include manual system control of the ship. This code was hidden in an envelope. It was assumed that if Gagarin did not go mad, he will be able to get the envelope, dial the area code and take over manual control. However, after flying Oleg Ivanovsky, the leading designer of the "Vostok", admitted that he opened the Gagarin code before boarding the ship.

Chertok sincerely regretted that so far earthlings could not establish contact with extraterrestrial brothers in mind, and I believed that life can be found on Jupiter’s moon Europa, which was made by one of the latest space missions.

Peru Boris Chertok the rights of authorship and co-authorship belong to more than 200 publications. Under his guidance was issued a unique serial historical publication "Rockets and People", and last year for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Russian rocket and space science and industry of the great designer was given the International Award Andrew "For Faith and Loyalty".

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