GLONASS started a restructuring


In Roscosmos faced with the problem of excess satellite navigation system GLONASS, which recently began to run too often. As a result, the question arises of how to use the extra space vehicles may have a system for this purpose to rebuild.

The issue of restructuring of the GLONASS system was put to the Bureau of chief designers navigation system. Deputy Director General of Institute of Space Device Grigory Stupak explained that at the presidium decided whether to play the pipe, as the most effective for their intended purpose, you can use all the orbital unit, rather than individually launched into orbit 24 satellite system. In such a scenario will soon present the efficient operation of the public.

Now in orbit 24 satellites operating system GLONASS and six - reserve. If one of the working units fails, its a period of several days to several weeks to replace the satellite back. Time to replace the satellites depends on the distance from the damaged unit will be a backup satellite. Thus, the system is fully loaded and safely insured against unforeseen problems, but the new program to update the system in 2013, it is planned to launch four more satellites, and in 2014 - six more.

One of the developers of the program of development of Sergei Jealous noted that if the safe operation of all vehicles, in the next year will be available for 34 GLONASS satellites. Upgrade Plan system is more than ten years ago, when the safety of the spacecraft was much lower than now. At the time, there was a danger inability revival of domestic navigation system. There were problems with the build and buy ultra-precise mechanisms and devices, so the program does not only provide for possible problems with the spacecraft themselves, but also with the launch satellites into orbit. Just this year the launch of three Russian spacecraft ended in accidents. Glonassavtsam such failures this year and managed to avoid all of this year’s planned launches of new devices have been in regular mode. Already on a mission machines do not give a glitch in the system so there has been some excess vehicles.

As one of the options, according to Gregory Stupak, the "extra" satellites will place additional planes. The final decision on the restructuring of the orbital GLONASS will only next year agreed with the results of the research activities.

This restructuring will correspondingly require the development of new advanced ground-based navigation systems. Today GLONASS almanac can only work with 24 satellites.

Michael Chestnut, a specialist group of the companies "Echelon Geolife" believes that such a restructuring would further increase the reliability of the system in case of emergency situations and improve the accuracy of the coordinates of the objects.

Ivan Moiseev, scientific director of the Space Policy Institute, noted that earlier success was to launch a satellite into orbit, and the continued use of these satellites remained in the background. Now apparently the priorities should be reconsidered.

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